Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Floods, breakdowns and Distractions.... And Climbing, finally

Long time since my last post from the West Coast trip. A few events have stopped me from getting out and concerntrating on my climbing. I think the main one being the construction of my new log cabin that will be used as a summer house / second house long term but my folks will be moving into there as i move into their house. So lots of building and sitting on a roof hammering nails through cedar shingles.

Dad at work
A new van for myself has also taken up some of my time as i work to convert it into a camper with beds, power and cooking etc.Riding bikes, both motorised and pedal power are another distraction from climbing. And i suppose not forgetting the wettest summer ever!!!!!!

But anyway I had planned, for the 2nd year in a row, to head down to N Wales and sample the classic climbing delights of Angelsy and Snowdonia. 2 days to go the MOT ran out on the van and after a manic phoning session to find a garage who could do it asap, the van had been looked at and had failed. What!?!

A simple fix, sticking rear brake, very harsh to fail it but failed it was. And with the transport failure the wales trip soon followed, down the pan. Plan B soon came together and a trip to Skye was soon organised, apparently the driest place in the uk and had been for 2 months.

The next three posts will sum up the excellent trip to Skye with Martin.

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