Saturday, 26 May 2012

Climbing in the Med - Day 4

Last day dawned the hottest yet, and the warmth had definitely ruined the hard climbing at reiff for me so we decided to move back south again on a bouldering road trip. We started off climbing at Reiff in the Woods, did a good few problems until the midge mayhem returned and we bailed.

Not a cloud in sight over the Stac

A new place for me was Ardmair beach (still yet to climb at the crag aswell). A nice stroll along the beach presents a picture perfect bouldering area. Absolutely stunning place to go bouldering. Really steep juggy bouldering at a respectable grade. Did three highly recommended problems here up to 6b+ so was going well but finger's were starting to say no more.

Homeward bound for ready to get straight back to building my dads log cabin. Happy days.

Ardmair lovelyness

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