Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ticking Over

Been a really busy 3 weeks off but not much good climbing to show for it.

So as a summary of my climbing this time off it goes something like this;

Covesea - Cool place got a couple of cool routes in and have eyed up a good few others so a return here is a must.

Tried to get to creag dubh, latheronwheel and Meickie point but for one reason or another it all fell through, and the weather was pish.

Aberdeen - Last day beofre i went to Budapest myself and martin c had a look at a crag near Peterhead called Meikie Point, after driving an hor in the rain and arriving at the base of the crag it was pretty quickly decided that there was no climbing to be had here! However the climbing does look amazing, if not bold, pumpy and thin! Tidal but no birds.

Then came my trip to Budapest, 6 of us left in high spirits, Literally! And by 12 afternoon before our room was ready we had already set the trend for the holiday and got through 6 pints. Highlights was the Boat Crusie, Shooting handguns and AK47's and the general vibe of the place, which is probably one of the wildest cities ive been to! Awesome!!!!!!!!

Since ive been back from holiday and recovering i have only been bouldering at Ruthven boulder and got a couple of 6B's first go, and started to work the traverse and a direct line through the front bulge but both of these are desperate and need some more time to work on them. Then the final climbing day was a dry tooling session over on the West coast to get some training in for the Alps next time home.

Really looking forward to the alps and will probably be trying to run away from them in the first couple of days but will hopefully get used to it and acclimatise pretty quick. Goals are to get a couple of small north Faces in, a route up Mont Blanc and a route up the Matterhorn. Some quality mixed, ice and rock routes thrown in should provide a good base from which to return the following year with some familiarity!